SAMPS Myeloma Challenge 2020

Southern Alberta Myeloma Patient Society

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SAMPS Myeloma Challenge

Due to COVID-19, we will not be able to physically walk together this summer in our annual walk/barbeque fundraiser.    We have adapted this year’s campaign to help keep us all connected.   For the first-time ever, you will be able to set your own personal challenge to help raise funds and awareness to beat myeloma.   You decide what a meaningful challenge would be – something that you can do at your personal stage of myeloma; something unique and based on your own personal journey.  Recently, Captain Tom Moore of Britain, 100 years old, walked his back yard with a walker and successfully raised major funds.  Whether your challenge is to walk, run or cycle a certain distance, walk a target number of steps each day, sew a number of masks, shave your head, create artwork for donation, help a person in need.    The list is endless, we can all make a difference in our own unique way.   Are you up for the challenge?  

By participating we will all be making myeloma matter and you will be helping to raise money to help find a cure.   The money raised in the SAMPS Myeloma Challenge stays in Calgary and supports the University of Calgary Division of Hematology Research and Education Fund, specifically for Multiple Myeloma.  This allows development of new clinical trials for myeloma and myeloma research in Calgary.    Three prizes will be awarded:  the individual raising the most donations ($250 Visa gift card); the team raising the most donations ($250 Visa gift card); and there will be a random name draw for the third prize ($250 Visa gift card).

Remember to take pictures of you and or your loved ones completing your SAMPS Myeloma Challenge and send them along with your story to:   Sending the pictures and stories implies your consent for SAMPS to use your pictures or stories in further communications capturing the creativity and resilience of our myeloma community of supporters.  

Complete your registration by clicking:   SAMPS MYELOMA CHALLENGE REGISTRATION.      

Due to the uniqueness of this year’s Challenge, the cost to register is $20 per individual or $100 per team.  The registration fee is NOT tax deductible.   However, a tax receipt will be issued for all DONATIONS received over $25. 

DONATION AMOUNT:     $25      $50     $75   $100    $250    $500    $1,000    Other$

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Once registered, send your link information on to family and friends to help raise funds to raise awareness and support myeloma research here in Calgary.    Registration deadline is August 7th, 2020.   The Myeloma Challenge will run from August 10 to August 16, 2020.   While SAMPS accepts donations at any time, prizes mentioned above will be awarded based on donations received by midnight August 16th, 2020 and the draw will take place on August 25th 2020.