Help Brooke Get Her Bling On!

par Spay Neuter Kingston Initiative

  • lundi, 05 septembre 2016 de 11:22 Matin à samedi, 31 décembre 2016 11:22 Matin (HNE)

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Brooke came to us at the age of 4 1/2 weeks, a small kitten unable to use her back legs. X-rays show that she was born without hip joints but that didn't stop this feisty little girl. She gets around quite well with her two front legs dragging her rear legs behind her.

Brooke does have some movement in her back legs so it is possible that she can learn to walk properly. She has to strengthen her leg muscles and is currently undergoing water therapy. We have seen some back leg movement during this water therapy which is very good indeed. Brooke will have a specially made wheelchair, which will support her while allowing her to use her back legs and will also have a specially made harness which will allow support from a leash attached to the top.

This little girl's zest for life is a joy to see and we want to make sure she has the chance to walk normally and improve her quality of life.



Brooke requires ongoing veterinary care in the form of x-rays, she will continue to see a holistic vet for chiropractic adjustments and other care as needed. Brooke is currently incontinent and we hope this will clear up once she gets some strength in her back legs.

We have set up a "Go Fund Me" Account to help with Brooke's veterinary care. Please donate if you can, no amount is too small and share wherever possible.

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