Team Unbreakable

Dénomination enregistrée: Team Unbreakable

Numéro d'entreprise: 848587168RR0001

Our Mission


We improve the mental health of children and youth through practical and proven group running programs that empower the individual, provide coping mechanisms and help youth feel "unbreakable." The TU Program couples our comprehensive "Mental Health Toolkit", runners logs, and training program to offer students a fun, free, and proven experience. 

Our Program Explores the themes of Motivation, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Self Care, Gratitude, and many others! 

Running can help youth deal with anxiety because:

  • It improves resilience – controlling anxiety and providing positive coping techniques.
  • It teaches a different outcome – you learn a different response, helping prevent panic
  • It reroutes your neural circuitry
  • It provides positive focus 
  • It reduces muscle tension
  • It builds brain resources, BDNF, GABA, Serotonin and norepinephrine

What We Do 

The Team Unbreakable Program is an 8-10 week running initiative with a focus on Mental Health, and more specifically, how running has a positive impact on our moods and brains. Each student receives a training log that allows them to articulate a goal and work towards it, reflect on their mood before and after each run, and record their progress. The program is supported through our Mental Health Toolkit, which is a combination of Team Unbreakable Videos and Educational documents that explore themes such as motivation, mindfulness, goal setting, gratitude, self-love and self-care,  and physical health for mental health. The training culminates in a fully supported 5km Goal Event facilitated by Team Unbreakable. 

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