Garden Party 2016


  • jeudi, 23 juin 2016 de 5:57 Après-midi à 11:00 Après-midi (HAR)
  • 2101 - 10th Street SW , Calgary, AB T2T0R1

Information sur les billets

La vente de billets pour cet événement est maintenant terminée.


As always, the Garden Party selects causes to support in terms of raising awareness and funds. Again this year, we ask you to support "The Calgary Foundation/Wilson Family Mental Health Fund" as your admission. (We also ask that you send in whatever you can for the cause if you don't attend).

Please also remember, as there is limited space, this invitation is non-transferable - we appreciate your understanding.

The amount? Please dig deep, then maybe a bit deeper - remember, 100% of your donation goes to the charities as I cover 100% of the Garden Party costs.

Donations from the 2016 Garden Party will go specifically toward supporting mental health programs within these four deserving charities - The Canadian Mental Health Association – Calgary (CMHA), Juno Foundation (Eating Disorders), Calgary Counselling Centre (Adolescent Mental Health) and Wood's Homes (Eagle Moon Lodge for Aboriginal Youth ).


In 2014 we raised just over $350K for Adolescent Mental Health, which was divided between Juno House (Eating Disorders), Calgary Counselling Centre (Adolescent Mental Health) and Wood's Homes (Eagle Moon Lodge for Aboriginal Youth).  In 2013, we raised close to $400K in support of three groups addressing eating disorders.  This year I am again focusing directly on mental health in all its forms.  I have chosen a total of four causes – with more info and links below – which are making waves for people who suffer with mental illness.  



Festivities start around 5:57pm and will probably run past your normal bedtime.

As spring showers ease, and the warmth of summer calls the Garden Gnomes out to play, let us gather together to enjoy fabulous company, cocktails and culinary delights.

Hitting the stage this year will be the amazing musical talents of:

Corb Lund, Brett Kissel, Don Amero, Jocelyn Alice, and Cowtown Opera.


As Garden Gnomes come out to play, let's follow their lead and let the colours of the garden brighten the day. Lively reds, yellows, greens and oranges will fit in just right.

While you don't need to glow from head to toe, colourful accents can brighten the show (think colourful caps, hats, gloves, sox, and shoes).

And as Gardon Gnomes have always gotten it right, being in the Garden means keeping it light.

(Don't worry about any black-ties or dinner jackets.)

It goes without saying now, sox are always optional and stilettos discouraged - although the aeration of my lawn is always appreciated.


I would ask you to make a meaningful (to you) charitable donation to “The Calgary Foundation /Wilson Family Mental Health Fund” – and we will ensure that these programs benefit from 100% of your generosity.  I would also ask that you keep any or all of these programs on your personal radar screen for further funding in years to come.

If you cannot attend, please feel free to make an online donation or mail your charity check to:

Prairie Merchant Corporation 700, 933 - 17th Ave SW Calgary, AB T2T 5R6

Collectively we are making a difference in the world.  After all – it is OUR world to change.

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2101 - 10th Street SW
Calgary, AB T2T0R1

23 juin 2016
jeudi, 23 juin 2016 5:57 Après-midi (HAR)


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Prairie Merchant, Seventh Floor, 933 – 17th Avenue SW
Calgary , AB
T2T 5R6

À propos de cet organisme

Donations from this year's Garden Party will go specifically toward supporting mental health programs within four deserving charities: 1) CMHA – Calgary: CMHA - facilitates access to the resources people require to maintain and improve mental health and community integration, build resilience, and support recovery from mental illness and addiction, while striving to improve public understanding of mental health issues. 2) Juno Foundation - delivers services through Juno House, the only counselling facility in Calgary focused exclusively on the unique mental health needs of adolescent girls, young women and their families. 3) Calgary Counselling Centre: Defy Depression Initiative - a comprehensive initiative designed to raise awareness of depression, reduce stigma, and treat this rapidly growing issue. 4) Wood's Homes/Aboriginal Youth: Eagle Moon Aboriginal Services - offers culturally sensitive care for Aboriginal youth who have suffered severe trauma.