The George Hull Centre for Children and Families


Numéro d'entreprise: 108082918RR0001


The George Hull Centre for Children and Families is one of Ontario's leading multidisciplinary, innovative children's mental health centres. Dedicated to serving children and youth, from birth to age 18, and their families, our mission is to reduce suffering, provide hope and enhance the quality of life of children, youth and families.

Everyday we work with children whose lives have gotten off track, some in small ways and some in very complex ways.  We see mental health issues ranging from sadness and ADHD to severe trauma and psychiatric disorders.  We see it in young toddlers and we see it in older adolescents.  And we see it in their families and how it affects their relationships and household dynamics.

Through clinical excellence and a continuum of mental health services, including outpatient treatment, specialized schooling, residential and substance abuse treatment, and prevention & intervention programs, we help children and their families get their lives back on track.

Our staff come from many disciplines: psychiatry, psychology, social work, speech & language pathology, early childhood education, child and youth work, and education.  They work together on multidisciplinary teams to provide assessment, treatment and consultation to the child, family and community. 

The George Hull Centre has a formal affiliation with the University of Toronto and is a teaching centre for their students in psychiatry, social work and speech & language pathology.  The Centre also provides educational placements for students in child and youth work, social service work, addiction counselling, nursing and early childhood education from other universities and community colleges.

The Centre is committed to research, program evaluation and continuous quality improvement. In the professional and academic community we are recognized as a centre of clinical excellence for service to children, youth and families and for training the next generation of mental health professionals.

"There were many times when I felt that the George Hull Centre was a lifeline for my family and I will always be grateful for all of the help and support we received." (Parent)

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