La compagnie de danse le jardin petite poire

Dénomination enregistrée: Little Pear Garden Dance Company

Numéro d'entreprise: 877508473RR0001

Our Mission

The Little Pear Garden Dance Company develops and promotes Chinese dance in Canada. By creating an environment that supports the practice of traditional and contemporary expressions, we aspire to develop a distinct voice in the dance ecology and to be the premiere Chinese performing arts company in Canada, featuring professional artists in innovative programming, stimulating workshops and a creative repertoire that reflects passion, authenticity, integrity and excellence. We routinely collaborate with artists from all disciplines and ethnic backgrounds to produce works with unique combinations of aesthetics sensibilities.

About The Little Pear Garden Dance Company

Little Pear Garden Dance Company is currently focused on two dimensions: traditional and contemporary Chinese dance. The ethnic diversity of Canada and China has generated a rich cultural landscape, one that our company blends on stage. Using inspiration from various sources, such as literature, history and ethnography, we explore the range of human emotions and aspects of communal life. Traditional and contemporary Chinese dance techniques give us a great palette to create the most engaging and thought-provoking work for audience.

The Little Pear Garden has an extensive list of professional development and outreach activities to encourage a healthy Chinese-Canadian dance ecology. By providing training and showcasing emerging artists, we help new generations of Chinese artists establish their careers in Canada and expand the horizon of many dancers from diverse background. The company lends its platform to established artists in residencies and commissions, enabling experimentation and connecting them to a wider audience. Our outreach activities make professional art accessible and share the beauty and multiplicity of Chinese dance with people in various types of social and cultural settings. This helps facilitate more appreciation and understanding among diverse cultures.

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