Saskatchewan Craft Council

Dénomination enregistrée: THE SASKATCHEWAN CRAFT COUNCIL

Numéro d'entreprise: 107955650RR0001

"Experience the joy of the handmade. Feel the object in your hands. Enjoy its lustre in your home."

The Saskatchewan Craft Council fosters an environment where excellence in Fine Craft is nurtured, recognized and valued, and where Saskatchewan craftspeople flourish creatively and economically.

The Saskatchewan Craft Council 

  • operates the SCC Gallery, Saskatchewan’s only public exhibition gallery dedicated to the celebration of Fine Craft;
  • organizes, curates and tours exhibitions of Fine Craft;
  • manages a Fine Craft market and our Fine Craft Boutique & Online Shop where artists sell their one of a kind and functional creations;
  • enables the development of Fine Craft artists, assisting with education, skill and business growth, marketing and communication; and
  • encourages the appreciation of Fine Craft through partnerships with schools, businesses, and cultural and arts organizations throughout Saskatchewan.

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