Portal Youth Outreach Association

Dénomination enregistrée: Portal Youth Outreach Association

Numéro d'entreprise: 853663664RR0001

Our Mission

Helping youth to live a better life

About Portal Youth Outreach Association

The Portal Youth Outreach Association (formerly The Valley Refuge Association) oversees the Portal Youth Centre. The people at The Portal Youth Centre act as a safe place for youth. Each young person can come as they are. Youth can access services and supports by coming to The Portal or contacting us.  The Portal is like a resource centre that weaves actions of prevention, outreach, and partnership. Adults and youth, together, provide a compassionate response to the pain and challenges that youth in our communities face.  Our priority is young people 16– 21 years of age from all walks of life. in 2018, we began to rally the community around a 10 year plan to end youth homelessness.

In this uncertain time, we are ensuring that all youth are connected and have the ability to stay connected, have enough food to eat, are engaged in regular dialogue through virtual means, and their housing is secure.

Your gift is a help!

Russ Sanche on behalf of Portal Youth Outreach Association


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