Dénomination enregistrée: THE YOGA OUTREACH SOCIETY

Numéro d'entreprise: 803544543RR0001

Yoga Outreach has been providing volunteer-based, trauma-informed, yoga programming serving adults and youth facing multiple challenges, including mental health challenges, addictions, poverty, violence, trauma, and imprisonment, across BC, since 1996. 

These programs serve:

  • Women and children fleeing violence
  • Incarcerated youth
  • Women in prison
  • Those accessing mental health services
  • Those recovering from addictions
  • ...just to name a few.

These weekly programs offer individuals an opportunity to heal from trauma by learning to reconnect with and feel safe within their bodies while also re-establishing a sense of social safety by participating in group classes within facilities they are already accessing.

Yoga Outreach program participants learn and practice techniques in order to cultivate safe and compassionate relationships with their bodies. Our trauma-informed programs provide participants with choice, a sense of community connection, and tools to draw from in order to self-regulate and manage daily circumstances.

Yoga Outreach's past 20 years of community service has only been possible thanks to volunteers and individuals like YOU who donate to support the healing of your community.

Training for Yoga Instructors & Community Support Professionals

Volunteers undergo Yoga Outreach's 18 hour trauma sensitive yoga training (The Yoga Outreach Core TrainingTM) in order to learn how to deliver programs that are strengths-based and trauma-sensitive. Yoga Outreach also provides training, mentorship, and community building opportunities to yoga teachers and community support professionals to enhance the delivery and accessibility of yoga in these settings.

Last year, Yoga Outreach facilitated more than 800 classes in the Lower Mainland. Check out who is currently benefiting from Yoga Outreach programs.

Reaching Out with Yoga Project

The experience of violence from an intimate partner is now widely understood as having the potential to cause trauma.The practice of yoga, and in particular trauma-informed yoga, is increasingly being recognized as a valuable practice in supporting the recovery of those who have experienced such violence.

Reaching Out With Yoga, is a research project led by the BC Society of Transition Houses in partnership with Yoga Outreach, and funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada. It will explore the impact of trauma-informed yoga on the health and well-being of women and children who have experienced violence and are currently accessing Transition Houses across BC.

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