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21 Day Yoga Challenge


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Join The Movement October 8th - October 29th!

21 days | 21 minutes/day | $21

 = 1 trauma-informed yoga class for:

  • Women and children fleeing violence
  • Incarcerated & at-risk youth
  • Women in jail
  • Those accessing mental health services
  • Those recovering from addictions
  • All across BC...just to name a few.

Your registration fee will enable Yoga Outreach to continue to support, empower, and reconnect our community's most vulnerable, and often overlooked, individuals. 

Join the Movement!

  • Register as an Individual ; or
  • Create a Corporate Team – we’ll promote your participation through our social media channels. Each person registers in this case but you create one fundraising page for your team and everyone directs their pledges there; or
  • Donate $100+ to become a Corporate Sponsor – You’ll receive a tax receipt & we’ll promote your business through social media (Facebook: 2080+, Twitter: 1286, Instagram: 535+) Our monthly newsletter (1387)  and mention on our challenge page; or
  • Host a by-donation class or workshop with proceeds going to Yoga Outreach; or
  • Donate an in-kind item for our social media contests – We’ll promote your business through our social media channels; or
  • Donate here instead of participating.

More Ways You Can Help & Win Wellness Prizes

  • Share our images with your online community groups (tag us on TwitterInstagram, or Facebook, and you'll be entered to win a prize!)
  • Get your friends involved and start a team! (The first person to register creates a team, then everyone who registers after that looks for that team, and joins in - fundraise together)
  • Post the campaign to yours or a friend's workplace e-bulletin or intranet (download poster below). 
  • Have your workplace promote the challenge on their social media, website, and internally, and we'll promote them through our social media.

Why Support Yoga Outreach in Your Community?

Yoga Outreach is celebrating 22 years of providing trauma-sensitive yoga programs within social service facilities across BC. The past 22 years of community service has only been possible thanks to volunteers and individuals like YOU who donate to support the healing of your community.

Yoga Outreach's trauma-sensitive yoga programs offer adults and youth an opportunity to heal from trauma by learning to reconnect with and feel safe within their bodies while also re-establishing a sense of social safety by participating in group classes within facilities they are already accessing.

Participants learn and practice techniques in order to cultivate safe and compassionate relationships with their bodies (a key element when healing from trauma). They are empowered with choicea sense of community connection, and tools to draw from in order to self-regulate and manage daily circumstances.