2018 Campaign Kick-Off: Jail & Bail

par United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk

  • mercredi, 12 septembre 2018 de 9:55 Matin à 4:30 Après-midi (HAA)
  • Norfolk County Administration Centre: 50 Colborne Street, South, Simcoe Haldimand County Administration Building: 45 Munsee Street, North, Cayuga, , ON

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Our OPP will "arrest" outstanding citizens who must raise a "bail" through donations from community members. These donations will be used toward programs which benefit children, youth, individuals and families living in poverty in Haldimand and Norfolk Counties. 


Jail and Bail will take place in both Haldimand and Norfolk Counties on Wednesday, September 12, 2018. 

Norfolk: 10AM-12PM 50 Colborne Street, South, Simcoe

Haldimand: 2PM-4PM, 45 Munsee Street, North, Cayuga


Come out and show your community support!


I want to be a “jailbird.”  What do I do? The first step is to let United Way know by calling us at 519-426-5660.  You’ll need to let us know which location you’d prefer to be jailed at (Haldimand or Norfolk).  You’ll also need to decide what level you want your bail set at.  We encourage $1,000, but please choose any amount you are comfortable with.

How do I get out of jail? To get out of jail, you’ll need to fundraise your bail amount.  This can be done by soliciting donations from friends, family, coworkers, and/or a personal donation.  Donations over $20 are eligible for a tax receipt.  We recommend fundraising your bail amount in advance.

How are donations accepted? Each “jailbird” will receive an envelope to collect their pledges in.  Cash pledges can be collected in advance and turned in at the event.  Credit card pledges can be made online on our website at www.unitedwayhn.on.ca and then by clicking the red ‘Donate’ button.  Make sure your friends put your name in the Comments section so that we know whose bail to apply the donation to.   

How long will I be in jail? You will be in jail until you’ve met your bail, up to a maximum of two hours.  If you’ve raised your bill in advance, your stay will be a minimum of 15 minutes to process your release.

What if my friends want to donate to keep me in jail? They can!  Once your bail has been posted, the guards can be bribed to keep you locked up.  The going rate for a bribe is $50 for an additional 15 minutes, up to a total maximum jail time of two hours.  Bribes can also be accepted in advance.

What if I don’t raise my bail amount? That’s okay!  Every dollar raised goes towards helping people living in our community, so every dollar makes a difference.  If you don’t reach your bail amount, you can try phoning a friend to get you out while in jail.  At the very most, you will be in jail for a two hour time period.

Where does the money go? United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk is currently supporting 17 programs in our community that are helping people move from poverty to possibility, helping kids grow up to be all that they can be, and building strong communities with healthy people in them.  For a detailed listing of the programs we fund, please visit our website at: www.unitedwayhn.on.ca.

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Norfolk County Administration Centre: 50 Colborne Street, South, Simcoe
Haldimand County Administration Building: 45 Munsee Street, North, Cayuga, , ON

12 septembre 2018
mercredi, 12 septembre 2018 9:55 Matin (HAA)


We are looking for Jail Birds!


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United Way of Haldimand and Norfolk creates opportunities to better the lives of Haldimand and Norfolk residents. We are committed to making positive, long-term changes that target the root causes of the social challenges facing our community. United Way funds are invested right here at home, where you live, work and play.