Visions of Science

Dénomination enregistrée: Visions of Science Network for Learning

Numéro d'entreprise: 861043370RR0001

About us...

Visions of Science Network for Learning Inc. (VoSNL) is a charitable organization that aims to advance the educational achievements and career aspirations of youth from low-income and marginalized communities through meaningful engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields and research.

We believe that...

if we provide youth with ongoing support, inspiration and STEM learning opportunities, they can overcome barriers and be well prepared to succeed and contribute to a constantly evolving society. Our programs advance the educational achievements and career aspirations of marginalized youth, and give them the tools to be productive members of the community and succeed in life.

What we do...

  • Create hands-on learning environments where students can engage in scientific thinking and experimentation with the freedom to learn from their mistakes

  • Reduce financial and other barriers to make STEM learning accessible and fun

  • Encourage youth to solve real world problems so they better understand how they can contribute to society

  • Provide a forum for leadership and team building within a STEM learning environment

  • Help parents, caregivers and program supporters understand STEM learning

  • Bring STEM learning to life by connecting youth to professionals and exposing them to a variety of career options

How we do it...

Our programs offer a unique and comprehensive network for learning to marginalized youth. Youth gain equitable access to STEM programming, education and mentorship opportunities in their own communities, and achieve measurable success through a hands-on, engaged learning model. Our mentors and volunteers expose participants to a range of STEM experiences, including field trips to major institutions of learning.

An overview of our programs and initiatives...

community science clubs
  • Our network of 16 science clubs offer opportunities for youth (grades 3 to 8) to participate in weekly hands-on STEM experiments and workshops, and to receive ongoing mentorship from volunteers directly within their community.

workshops and enrichment programs

  • Our in-school programs aid in the development of innovative, inquiry-based STEM curricula for elementary and secondary schools. Our application- based cumulative unit experiments are developed by our curriculum team in consultation with teachers, and are in-line with provincial standards.

real world connections and mentorship

  • We offer youth (grades 7 to 12) opportunities to develop life skills, receive post-secondary and career mentorship, and be paired with community leaders who study or work in STEM fields.

summer learning camps

  • We engage youth in our target communities with STEM-based summer field trips and more intensive workshops.

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