Blossoms for Hope Fundraiser

par Water First

  • lundi, 30 avril 2018 de 4:48 Après-midi à lundi, 31 décembre 2018 11:59 Après-midi (HNE)

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Need to find this out


Need to find this out

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30 avril 2018
lundi, 30 avril 2018 4:48 Après-midi (HAE)


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À propos de cet organisme

Water First is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to addressing water challenges in Indigenous communities through training, education, and meaningful collaboration. Water First specializes in designing and delivering hands-on, curriculum based water focused activities for northern First Nations communities. Our innovative approach utilizes cutting edge teaching aids and builds respectful linkages between traditional knowledge and western water science, supporting the next generation of First Nations water scientists. Strong communities. Safe, clean water.