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  • samedi, 06 octobre 2018 de 7:52 Matin à mardi, 09 octobre 2018 7:52 Matin (HAA)

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Leejay Levene was a wonderful young man who tragically died at the age of 18 during routine wisdom teeth extraction in Waterloo, Ontario. He was also a talented young artist. 

Each year since his passing, the Levene family has partnered with a non-profit organization in Waterloo Region. Leejay's art is the foundation for a calendar that is then sold in his memory. The funds raised go towards helping these local charities with their charitable activities.  The calendar has become a meaningful way to help heal the Levene family, and to keep Leejay's memory alive.

This year, the Levene family has chosen Waterloo Regional Crime Stoppers to be the beneficiary of the funds raised through the calendar sales.  We are grateful to the Levene family for their generosity of spirit.


You can help by purchasing one of these calendars. With your $10 contribution you will receive a Leejay Calendar. That contribution will be used to help rid our communities of crime. With the recent spike in drug-related deaths, it is imperative that we continue to assist our partner police agencies in stemming the flow of drugs into our communities.

Crime Stoppers is funded solely by corporate donations, and donations from people just like you.

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Waterloo Regional Crime Stoppers helps to ensure that members of our community who wish to report information on crimes can do so with the assurance that their anonymity is of utmost importance. Without the support of our corporate and individual sponsors, we would not be able to provide this service that guarantees your anonymity.