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We increase Canada's capacity for high quality research and innovation by assisting with the development of the scientific and technological talents of young people in our region.

Young people, because of their curiosity, are natural researchers. The Waterloo-Wellington Science & Engineering Fair helps them satisfy this curiosity through the organization of data gathering, analysis and presentation in areas such as the Biotechnology, Engineering, Life Science, and Physical and Mathematical Science.

The projects, produced as a result of this curiosity, are evaluated by expert judges.

  • WWSEF provides guidance for the project process with manuals.
  • Over 3000 youth complete projects at schools and about 300 come to our Fair.
  • Strict rules for safety and ethics apply to all projects.
  • Strengths and opportunities for improvement are assessed.
  • Awards and prizes are presented. These include cash, medallions, scholarships and trips to the Canada-Wide Science Festival.
  • Our Fair Day afternoon program develops leadership in environmental education and research.

Many forward-thinking corporations and businesses, educational institutions, service clubs and individuals support the Fair.

About 175 volunteers plan and conduct the Fair and its environmental education program

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