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On June 17, 2017 we will be hosting our first The Heavy North Walk a Mile in her Shoes® Wood Buffalo'.  

This event will be held in Fort McMurray at the Jubilee Plaza, at 10:00 AM.  There will be guest speakers, an awards ceremony, food, drinks and so much more!

Registration for the event is $50 which includes a t-shirt, a ticket for the BBQ and use of shoes.  There is no registration fee for participants under the age of 18.

If individual participants raise more than $500 the registration fee is waived.

If teams average more than $500 per team member their registration fees are waived.

Proceeds raised will be distributed to various programs, including Domestic Violence & Sexual Trauma, along with our Outreach programs that support our remote communities.   

The Heavy North Walk a Mile in her Shoes® Wood Buffalo walk is a symbolic gesture of men marching in high heel footwear to raise funds and awareness on the issues of violence against women. The walk gives men the opportunity to publicly take a stand on the issues of violence against women; it shows that men are willing to stand together with women in making the world a safer place for all women and children. By taking part in the pledged walk, you will be making a statement that violence against women is not just a women who feel the effects, but an entire community. 

Please take the pledge, take a stand, and walk to raise awareness. 

Walk the Walk

Make a Difference

And let the “heeling” begin! 

How you make a difference in three easy steps:

1. Say Yes: men, sign up as an individual or recruit a team to join you in the Walk a Mile in her Shoes event.

2. Collect Pledges: Ask your colleagues, suppliers, clients, family, and friends – anyone who will give you money to walk around in a pair of heels, and invite them to attend the walk. Each individual registrant will have an online pledge page created and a pledge form so all of your supporters can donate either online or in person.

3. Walk the Walk: Walk by yourself –with a team- with your “coach”. Busy or out of town? No problem. Make a donation or reach your fundraising goal and ‘delegate’ a friend to walk for YOU! Don’t want to walk? Donations are accepted at any time.