Walk-4-Wayside 2020


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​Wayside House of Hamilton will be holding our second Annual Walk-4-Wayside  throughout the month of October.

But this year there's a twist: We're going virtual! 

No matter where you live, you can join us to walk a minimum of 5km to raise money in support of Wayside House to reduce wait times for those in need of our services. Since the onset of the pandemic, we've seen wait-lists for our services increase by over 40%. By joining the virtual Walk-4-Wayside, you will be increasing access to lifesaving addictions treatment that change the trajectory of men's lives.​

Participating is easy!

Join in the way that makes most sense for you and invite your family and friends to support you.

Individual Registration:

To register for the walk as an individual participant, sign up on this page using the 'Join as an individual' button and you will be joining a virtual community of folks dedicated to changing the lives of individuals with addictions.

Team Registration

To create a team, use the 'Create a Team' button to make yourself team captain and challenge your friends and family to join you to fundraise as a team. Want to go even further? As team captain, challenge your friends and family to make their own team for some friendly competition!

If you wish to join an existing team, search for your team and visit their team page. From the team page, select the 'Join this team' button to register to fundraise together. The more the merrier!

Your registration will include a $50 registration fee. By registering, you will receive a t-shirt to wear on your walk and an invitation to the special virtual ceremony on October 24th. While you're walking, be sure to take lots of videos and selfies to share on social media using #WalkforWayside 

Donating to a team or individual

If you wish to donate to an individual or a team, use the search bar to find the person or group you want to support and visit their fundraising page and select 'Donate!'

Thank you for your generosity! We are so grateful for your support.