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Billets Communautaires - ""Tales of the Old North"

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At Xara Choral Theatre we want to share our art with everyone. That’s why we created the Care and Share Tickets Program.

Care and Share Tickets enable audiences and supporters to pay it forward and purchase a ticket on behalf of someone else who may not otherwise be able to attend the show.


To distribute the tickets we have partnered with Adsum House, the Dartmouth Family Centre, the MacPhee Centre for Creative Learning, and the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Halifax.

"Xara Choral Theatre provides us an entertaining theatre experience for the tenants who live in Adsum Court. This is a wonderful time for women with low incomes to have an event together in their community, which they could not afford to do otherwise. People like you who do Third Party fundraising allow us to provide more services to all of our clients."~ Kathy McNab; Fund Development and Communications Officer at Adsum for Women & Children