100 Women Who Care Caledon

We are a group of women committed to supporting the wellbeing of our local communities in the Caledon area.
As individuals we felt that it was challenging to make a meaningful impact in our community, but as a group we are powerful and can contribute in ways we never thought possible.
It would be appreciated if you could make your donation for $104 to cover the cost of the CanadaHelps processing fees to allow the charity to receive the full donation of $100. 
Making a donation through CanadaHelps is a great way to catch up if you have missed a meeting.   Please be sure that you have chosen and entered the correct information/charity as once it is processed it cannot be changed.
Past meeting donations are as follows:
November 2020 - The Caledon Seniors Centre  provides the opportunity for older adults to come together to fulfill many of their social, educational, cultural and recreational needs. They provide services to people 55+ in Caledon and surrounding areas and are located in Bolton, Ontario. 
September 2020 - Bethell Hospice Foundation provides compassionate, respectful care to enhance the quality of life for individuals facing a life-limiting illness and their families. Dignity and comfort are the cornerstones of care at Bethell Hospice for people of all backgrounds, cultures and religions.  Bethell Hospice offers 24 hour care in our residential hospice in Inglewood, as well as a range of community programs and services for individuals still residing in their own homes and all services and programs are provided at no cost.
February 2020 - Everdale Farm is an organic learning farm located in Hillsburg and supports the Caledon community. They grow about three acres of annual organic vegetables that are both sold and donated to the community. The donation received from 100 WWCC will be used towards their Good Food Program which focuses on supplying local food banks with healthy organic produce to help those who experience food insecurity.
November 2019 - The Meaghan Zaremba Music Room is a charitable organization and operates from Tisho’s Music Academy located in Bolton. They provide music lessons to those with mental and physical challenges who wish to pursue their passion of music leading to a more confident and creative individual.
September 2019 - Wellspring Chinguacousy is a cancer support centre that offers programs and services on both a drop-in and registered basis, for anyone living with cancer, at any stage, free of charge. Some of the programs and services offered include; stress management, emotional well-being, health restoration and rehabilitation, education and information and successful transitions back into the workforce.
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Date de fin Nom du donateur Nom de l'organisme de bienfaisance Montant
5 janvier 2021 13:00 Colleen Darrell CALEDON SENIORS CENTRE 104,00 $
11 décembre 2020 16:53 Rhonda French CALEDON SENIORS CENTRE 100,00 $
10 décembre 2020 14:56 Bonnie Richmond CALEDON SENIORS CENTRE 104,00 $
8 décembre 2020 16:49 Anonyme CALEDON SENIORS CENTRE 125,00 $
4 décembre 2020 21:24 Dr Anna Daveport Medicine CALEDON SENIORS CENTRE 104,00 $
1 décembre 2020 19:58 Vasselle Barber CALEDON SENIORS CENTRE 104,00 $
30 novembre 2020 13:15 Patricia Davidson CALEDON SENIORS CENTRE 104,00 $
28 novembre 2020 14:50 Sarah Adeniran CALEDON SENIORS CENTRE 104,00 $
27 novembre 2020 13:51 Shelly Sargent CALEDON SENIORS CENTRE 104,00 $
26 novembre 2020 20:47 Barb O'Handley CALEDON SENIORS CENTRE 104,00 $
26 novembre 2020 12:08 Ann Magee CALEDON SENIORS CENTRE 100,00 $
26 novembre 2020 10:43 Deborah Gilchrist CALEDON SENIORS CENTRE 104,00 $
26 novembre 2020 09:35 Karen McDonald CALEDON SENIORS CENTRE 104,00 $
100WWCC Donation
18 octobre 2020 09:30 100 Women Who Care BETHELL HOSPICE FOUNDATION 104,00 $
This is for the group that includes Mollie Cavan, Jacqui Viaene, Sheralyn Roman and Shelly
13 octobre 2020 17:14 LeeAnne Downey BETHELL HOSPICE FOUNDATION 104,00 $
13 octobre 2020 11:08 Leslie Caldwell-Clarke BETHELL HOSPICE FOUNDATION 104,00 $
13 octobre 2020 09:45 Ann Magee BETHELL HOSPICE FOUNDATION 104,00 $
6 octobre 2020 10:09 Colleen Darrell BETHELL HOSPICE FOUNDATION 104,00 $
100 Women Who Care Caledon
30 septembre 2020 22:37 Sarah Adeniran BETHELL HOSPICE FOUNDATION 104,00 $
25 septembre 2020 22:09 Patricia Davidson BETHELL HOSPICE FOUNDATION 104,00 $
25 septembre 2020 17:20 Barb O'Handley BETHELL HOSPICE FOUNDATION 104,00 $
25 septembre 2020 16:51 Vasselle Barber BETHELL HOSPICE FOUNDATION 104,00 $
25 septembre 2020 08:51 Karen McDonald BETHELL HOSPICE FOUNDATION 104,00 $