Growing up in a home where domestic abuse created many nights fearing for my life and that of my siblings and mother, I often prayed to feel safe. I look back and wonder why my mom never left and took us with her. I believe it's because she didn't feel like she had any one or any where to go. Several of my friends have contacted me recently saying that Gillian's place gave them that safe place. They told me that they showed up in the night with nothing but the clothes they were wearing and Gillian's Place gave them pajamas, toiletries, tooth brushes, clothes and a place to stay until they could get back on their own feet. They even told me that Gillian's Place provided them with pots, pans and other household necessities when they were able to find their own housing after a few months.

No child should live in fear. No child should feel like a burden, an inconvenience or as if they are worthless. Gillian's Place is creating an opportunity for women who feel helpless to regain their sense of worth and dignity. A chance to create a new life for themselves and their children. I believe deeply that this charity is dramatically changing lives and I WILL complete the 100x100 knowing that it can inspire both men and women, like myself, who are presently living with the trauma of childhood abuse while raising money to stop this from happening to others. My deepest gratitude for your support and donations. <3

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So very proud of you Jen! You are a tremendous inspiration! Congratulations on your well deserved success!
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Such a great cause! Let's do this!
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This money is from athletes donating and participating in the 100x100.
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