Aqua Hug – August 7, 2021

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Aqua Hug for Moorelands Kids.

From 6-year-olds to a yellow lab, last year’s Aqua Hug raised $8,545.00 and we all had a wonderful time swimming the 1760 metres around Moorelands Camp in the first-ever Aqua Hug.

Join Karin Ibscher, August 7, 2021, for a socially distanced swim around the perimeter of Moorelands Camp and help us reach our goal of raising $50,000. This year your donation will help build a cook out cabin for Moorelands Camp.

As was last year, participants register to swim various distances (from less than 50 meters to over 2 km) around Moorelands Camp. Yes….by swimming around the bay you can empower a child to transform their life!

The Aqua Hug goal this year is to double what was raised last year- both in terms of swimmers and donations. It is a hefty goal at $17,000 and 64 swimmers- but we can do it!

To register:

Donate or raise a minimum of $25.00 to take part as a swimmer, volunteer, spotter or sponsor a swimmer.

Please contact:

Karin Ibscher at 416-434-6283 (text or call),,

or message Karin Ibscher on Facebook

Check out more on the Kawagama and Bear Lake Facebook page.

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21 juin 2021 14:53 Maureen Deery Moorelands Kids 50,00 $
Karin, You inspire me! Thanks again for undertaking this amazing activity in support of Moorelands. See you on the lake, Maureen
17 juin 2021 19:23 Alisa VanDerToorn Moorelands Kids 50,00 $
Am I the first one? Lucky me! Here's to a great cause!