5.28k Dress Up Run for Menstrual Health Day (May 28)

Full disclosure: I work for P&G, makers of Always, but this fundraiser is 100% my own initiative because I am personally passionate about this cause. I am a proud #pgemployee but this is  #notanad ☺️

Did you know that one in seven girls in Canada have missed school due to lack of access to period products?  I always knew that period poverty is an issue in developing countries but I was shocked to find out that it's an issue right in our own backyards! I am proud that through my work, we have donated period products to women and girls across Canada to help end period poverty.  But there is more to do.

A few weeks ago, a couple of runner friends and I thought it would be fun to dress up for a run. Partly because we haven't had a reason to dress up for anything during COVID but also because we just wanted to do something fun during this 3rd  lockdown.  So, I've decided I'm going to run 5.28k in a dress 👗 to celebrate Menstrual Health Day (5/28).  It perfectly combines my passion for running and passion for ending period poverty and period stigma. And it's going to be a lot of fun!! 

Did you know that Menstrual Health Day is celebrated on May 28 annually because a typical menstrual cycle is 28 days and a period usually lasts about 5 days.  In the photo, I'm wearing a MHDay bracelet that has 28 beads. 5 of them are red. That's so cool! 

How you can support me:

1. Donate to the North York Women's Shelter via this page. I want to support local organizations in North York but there is always a need for period products at any women's shelter.  Feel free to donate to your local women's shelter or period charity.

2. Drop off some period products at a local organization that accepts donations. Many grocery stores have a drop off bin for local Food Banks. Food banks accept more than just food!

3. Share your period story on IG using #MHDay2021

4. Join me (virtually) to run 5.28k in a dress and share a pic on your social media using #DressUpRun and #MHDay2021 I'll be doing my #DressUpRun on Sat June 5th.

We need to normalize conversations about periods and help support those who need access to period products. I hope you will join me! 


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7 juin 2021 19:06 Su Yeon Jang North York Women's Shelter 50,00 $
Hope to break taboos surrounding menstruation, raise awareness of the importance of good menstrual hygiene management worldwide!
6 juin 2021 20:36 Robin Packer North York Women's Shelter 50,00 $
5 juin 2021 16:44 Maria Yu North York Women's Shelter 100,00 $
Absolutely amazing! Helps me to appreciate and be grateful for what I have!??
5 juin 2021 06:17 Asma Azhar North York Women's Shelter 35,00 $
4 juin 2021 13:31 Karen Johnson-Basra North York Women's Shelter 25,00 $
Fantastic initiative ??
3 juin 2021 17:47 Zahra Remtulla North York Women's Shelter 40,00 $
3 juin 2021 10:44 Margaret Tiong North York Women's Shelter 50,00 $
24 mai 2021 22:25 Annie Hu North York Women's Shelter 42,20 $
We got this!!!
24 mai 2021 20:25 Mary McPherson North York Women's Shelter 50,00 $
Way to go Joyce!!
24 mai 2021 20:13 D.L. Engineering Inc. North York Women's Shelter 50,00 $
24 mai 2021 19:40 Lisa Sun North York Women's Shelter 52,80 $
24 mai 2021 19:34 Bridget King North York Women's Shelter 25,00 $
24 mai 2021 17:11 Eugenia Law North York Women's Shelter 25,00 $
24 mai 2021 16:43 Maryanne Jeganathan North York Women's Shelter 50,00 $
Great work Joyce. I’m definitely joining you on the virtual run.
24 mai 2021 14:49 Joyce Law North York Women's Shelter 100,00 $