Action for Addiction Recovery

Hello everyone! I've created this fundraiser in honour of my late father who passed from substance addiction in 2015. January is his birthday month (January 11th!) and if I could gift him anything, it would be to help others achieve what he so wished for. I want to honour his giving heart, energy, and love for life by ensuring that rehabilitation support is provided for those in need.

Having been by his side throughout his fight gives me a deep understanding of the tragedies caused by this awful illness. During the times of COVID-19, I am especially worried for those who will turn to alcohol and drugs during periods of isolation. If you could please donate or share to this year's non-profit centre, I would be so grateful! Donations will go directly to The Portage Foundation. 

Some fun facts about my dad, the most special person I've ever known: He was scary good at crossword puzzles, loved baseball (RIP Expos), LOVED beating me in Trivial Pursuit, and watched wayyy too much Animal Planet. 


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14 janvier 2021 11:11 Anonyme Portage Foundation 10,00 $
11 janvier 2021 19:02 Anonyme Portage Foundation 10,00 $
8 janvier 2021 14:55 Venus Evans Portage Foundation 25,00 $
Although it may not be as much as I wish I could give, I hope it helps someone in someway. Thank you for sharing and campaigning!
6 janvier 2021 22:25 Monica Rosauri Portage Foundation 100,00 $
Proud, always.
6 janvier 2021 22:25 Anonyme Portage Foundation 10,00 $
4 janvier 2021 21:41 Gerald Nino Portage Foundation 20,00 $
You are more than an artist
4 janvier 2021 17:36 Rosemarie Laporte Portage Foundation 10,00 $
Hey nat! This is a beautiful initiative. Sending lots of love<3
4 janvier 2021 13:19 Victor Pereira Portage Foundation 50,00 $
I loved him. I love you. I couldn't be prouder to be your uncle. Xox
4 janvier 2021 12:02 Roula Albanis Portage Foundation 50,00 $
Jimmy was one of the funniest, caring and smartest people I know! He loved his kids enormously! Miss you and love you always!??
4 janvier 2021 12:01 Panagiota Koutsogiannis Portage Foundation 100,00 $
Love you Natasha and, as always, am very proud of you.
3 janvier 2021 20:01 Cassnadra Ruta Portage Foundation 100,00 $
We are so proud of you for starting this. In honour of our brother/godfather/uncle, we are happy to be supporting you. Love, Ruta Fam
3 janvier 2021 15:35 Maria Pereira Portage Foundation 100,00 $
Love you little one.....daddy was always proud to call you his baby girl, As am I.
3 janvier 2021 15:17 jenni rothman Portage Foundation 25,00 $
3 janvier 2021 14:42 Susana Pereira Portage Foundation 50,00 $
In honor for my friend/brother, you were loving father. I know how hard you fought until the end & could not be more proud to support you?
3 janvier 2021 13:32 Serge Bretzel Portage Foundation 10,00 $
3 janvier 2021 13:14 Nathalie Ruel Portage Foundation 75,00 $
3 janvier 2021 13:05 Anonyme Portage Foundation 30,00 $
3 janvier 2021 13:01 kayla homenok Portage Foundation 10,00 $
love this mission you’re on. love to you and your family ?? rip
3 janvier 2021 12:52 Anonyme Portage Foundation 20,00 $