Alexander Public School Outdoor Learning and Play Fundraiser

We want to build a better outdoor environment for learning and play and we need your help to do it!

Over the past decade, the Alexander Schoolyard has undergone continuous transformation.  Removal of asphalt from the upper yard, addition of trees, benches, tables, gaga pits, and soccer field. Our outdoor space may not be huge, but it is important as we all know “‘recess is the most important subject!”  

Alexander Public School Parent Council and staff believe now is the time to reinvest in our outdoor space. We would like to purchase items to facilitate outdoor education and outdoor play that can be used during covid and beyond. Some items are required immediately and others are more costly, and may take a couple of years to raise enough funds. So, here it begins. This direct donation drive will mark the official kick-off of the “Outdoor Learning and Play Fundraising Campaign” at Alexander Public School!

Let’s all pitch in and make it happen for the students and for our great neighbourhood!

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La collecte de fonds se termine 25 juin 2021
Date de fin Nom du donateur Nom de l'organisme de bienfaisance Montant
18 décembre 2020 11:36 Andrew Bialek RAINBOW DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD 150,00 $
Donation on behalf of Mme St- Pierre, Mme Steph, Venedam and Mme Mastroianni; wonderful educators at Alexander!
3 décembre 2020 21:54 Ryan Felhaber RAINBOW DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD 100,00 $
2 décembre 2020 10:21 Alissa Moenting Edwards RAINBOW DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD 50,00 $
11 novembre 2020 15:35 Jesse Krzysztofik RAINBOW DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD 20,00 $
10 novembre 2020 20:05 Anonyme RAINBOW DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD 150,00 $
Thanks for making the play space accessible!
6 novembre 2020 16:52 Caitlyn Quinn RAINBOW DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD 50,00 $
6 novembre 2020 09:37 McDonald General Services Corp. RAINBOW DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD 1 000,00 $
5 novembre 2020 20:34 Erica Caden RAINBOW DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD 50,00 $
5 novembre 2020 14:27 Stephanie Guignard RAINBOW DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD 30,00 $
5 novembre 2020 13:38 Caroline Miller RAINBOW DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD 100,00 $
5 novembre 2020 13:32 Kayla Lalonde RAINBOW DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD 50,00 $