Alpha Pi Phi for Medical Aid for Palestine

The sisters of Alpha Pi Phi are working together to raise awareness of the injustice that is currently being brought upon Palestinians in Palestinian territories. Although a ceasefire has occurred, many Palestinians have lost their lives or are currently in life threatening conditions due to limited access to healthcare resources. The mission of Medical Aid for Palestine is to improve the health condition of Palestinians while respecting their autonomy and self determination, and Alpha Pi Phi Alpha Chapter supports this mission with our whole hearts. Please consider donating to our fundraiser, to help those in need during these tragic times.

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7 juin 2021 11:41 morgan davis MEDICAL AID FOR PALESTINE 50,00 $
7 juin 2021 11:36 Linda McCann MEDICAL AID FOR PALESTINE 50,00 $
1 juin 2021 17:15 Mike Orser MEDICAL AID FOR PALESTINE 50,00 $
31 mai 2021 14:16 Maeve Kelly MEDICAL AID FOR PALESTINE 25,00 $
28 mai 2021 22:45 Khadija Waheed MEDICAL AID FOR PALESTINE 25,00 $
28 mai 2021 20:13 Jessica Doyle MEDICAL AID FOR PALESTINE 250,00 $