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I've worked in the social profit sector for 34 years.  I was on staff at 12 organizations, a consultant for another 20 or so and a Board member for six.  I've learned over that period of time and through those varied experiences that governance is everything. 

Great partnerships between Boards and Staff leadership make all the difference in the world. 

And to be clear, I don't mean just between the CEO and the Board....or the CEO and a select few members of the Senior Management Team...

I mean Boards who are involved in oversight through setting and stewarding culture.  Boards who look at data like retention rates.  Boards who recognize that human capital is our greatest and most unique asset as organizations. 

I mean Boards who care deeply about inclusion, diversity, equity and access.

If you work or volunteer in the social profit sector -- ensure the future is one that embraces kind, collaborative, inclusive and productive social profit workplaces.  No matter what causes you care about:  international development, women's equality, poverty reduction, healthcare, the environment, disability rights and access, anti-black racism...when you give to support them all. 

Thank you. 

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11 juin 2020 14:30 Maryann Kerr Altruvest Charitable Services 100,00 $
Please join me to help reboot Altruvest and the social profit sector through engaged, skilled, trained board members. Thank you. Maryann