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My name is Rihana. I am a girl, who has big dreams. My small website is one you may not know of, but I am trying to stop animal abuse and animal cruelty. If you donate I'm going to go to the closet shelter in my town and donate all the money earned. Hopefully, in the future I can travel world and help all animals. You may not donate or you may not care but the least you can do is visit my website and share. I have seen horrible things happen to animals, that are unexplainable. I couldn't do anything back then. Now, I am not afraid nor am I weak. I will help save the lives of innocent animals no matter what cost. Money or no money, I am taking a stand and proving my point. I may be one person, one girl, but I am Rihana. I am a leader and I will protect what is right. One dollar is enough or a visit to my website, that is all I ask. You and I can save lives, and I'll take you on my journey as if you are there with me. Your dollar matters, no matter how little. You are making a change.

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26 mai 2021 06:40 Catherine Leppinen PEI Humane Society 100,00 $
22 mai 2021 12:36 Kathy Mcgregor PEI Humane Society 50,00 $
This is a great cause, hosted by a great girl?? love and hugs from us, Kathy Mcgregor and all my fur babies!!!
22 mai 2021 11:02 Barb Cornthwaite PEI Humane Society 50,00 $
This is such a wonderful thing you are doing!!
21 mai 2021 15:50 Jessica Kohansky PEI Humane Society 20,00 $
WTG little lady - Jess
21 mai 2021 15:10 Emily K PEI Humane Society 20,00 $
I love you and I am so very proud of you! Great work kiddo. One proud momma! Xox
21 mai 2021 13:31 Hillary Kehoe PEI Humane Society 20,00 $
Love you girl! Make your dream a reality ? Love Auntie Hill and Malakai xo