Anna’s 20th Anniversary of Turning 20 Fundraiser

June is The Great Canadian Canadian Giving Challenge month on CanadaHelps which means with every donation made of $1 or more to your charity of choice, it is automatically entered in to a draw for $20k!

June is also my birthday month. My FORTIETH birthday month.

This year for my birthday, especially in light of the devastating discoveries in BC, I would like everyone who is able to, to donate to Mikinakoos Children’s Fund.

Mikinakoos Children’s Fund is a charity created to address poverty by providing basic amenities, such as food, clothing, and shelter to First Nations children residing in remote First Nations communities. Join us on this journey to create positive change and secure the safety and well-being First Nation children.

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La collecte de fonds se termine 30 juin 2021
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9 juin 2021 15:05 Natalie Sansone Mikinakoos Children's Fund 25,00 $
Happy birthday, Anna! Love Ryan, Nat, Jack, & Hailey
6 juin 2021 06:14 Emily Torontow Mikinakoos Children's Fund 40,00 $
Happy birthday, Anna! I love you! XOXO Em
4 juin 2021 17:15 Jessica Wyatt Mikinakoos Children's Fund 25,00 $
4 juin 2021 13:33 Andrie Gedye Mikinakoos Children's Fund 215,00 $
Happy birthday, beautiful ??????
4 juin 2021 00:58 Amanda Phillips Mikinakoos Children's Fund 20,00 $
Happy birthday Anna! ??
3 juin 2021 09:02 Shannon Vancook Mikinakoos Children's Fund 100,00 $
1 juin 2021 22:08 Laura Torontow Mikinakoos Children's Fund 100,00 $
1 juin 2021 16:46 Anna Torontow Mikinakoos Children's Fund 50,00 $