Due to the concerns over the prevention and spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Japanese government has requested the cancellation or downsizing of all events in the next several weeks. They have closed schools, and most events have canceled. However, due to our belief that this conference must go on, we have elected to downsize, and hold the conference as scheduled on April 3-5 in Kurayoshi Japan.

As a result of the downsizing, we have lost previously arranged funding from convention bureau and other sources. This results in the need for urgent fundraising to cover the following expenses:

Vans (2): $1000; Interpreters: $1000; Speaker honorariums (yes, this is a must in Japan): $500-1000; Equipment and chair rental: $500; lodging for some visitors and speakers: $1000. Other expenses may arise as well. Any remaining funds at the conclusion of conference and final accounting will be donated.

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