Be Our Roots

So far in 2020, we’ve provided 960 food hampers to people and families in the Golden community. This is a 14% increase from 2019 and we anticipate a growing need as housing and food costs continue to rise and the COVID-19 pandemic persist.

Here are some ways you can help:

'Lettuce Romaine' Open

We need to keep the fridge and freezer in working condition to support individuals in Golden.

$15 helps us keep the fridge running! 

Root for Reducing Waste!

Thanks to the generosity of local food producers and sellers, we also run a substantial food recovery operation, diverting 18,762 kilograms of food waste in Golden per year. The dollar value of this recovered food is $106, 947. Recovered food and household items make up 75% of our hampers and add substantial nutritional value. These items may be too close to their best before dates or have torn packaging. 

$25.00 will cover the cost associated with one day of food recovery.  

Turnip the Safety! 

To improve access for our clients and to keep our clients and staff safe, we’ve partnered with a local delivery service to transport food on a bi-weekly basis. 

$50 will cover the cost of delivering food to our clients for one week.

Support Your Neighbours! 

The Food Hamper Program prepares nutritious food boxes for pick up or delivery on a weekly basis. The quantity of food is based on household size and typically lasts 3 - 4 days. 

$75 will cover the cost of one food hamper for one person. $200 will cover the cost of one food hamper for a family of four.

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