Bigger than Basketball 2021

Bigger Than Basketball’s purpose is to raise funds and awareness for Mental Health through our involvement in the basketball community.

Dear Donors, 
Sadly we were not able to move forward with our event this year (2020) because of COVID-19. We are thrilled to have already received so much support for our cause in 2020, so we would like to transfer this momentum to our 2021 fundraiser.
Our 2021 fundraiser will be our third annual Bigger Than Basketball fundraiser. This event is all about teaching our community that life is so much bigger than just basketball. As former players, we understand the feeling of living, breathing, sleeping, and eating basketball. However, we also want to encourage people to take a step back and understand how this mentality can lead to mental health issues, especially for youth involved in the game. We don't want to remove the intensity and competition for the game; rather, we want to encourage a balance between building players' basketball skills and their resiliency at the same time. Basketball is everything to a lot of youth, but they won't play forever. We want them to understand that they are whole and have a lot more to offer outside of the sport. Additionally, we want to improve the way that we approach the game as players, teammates, coaches, and fans so that our actions and words are not negatively impacting players.
Thanks for supporting our mission to educate the basketball community about Mental Health, and raise funds for the Canadian Mental Health Association! We look forward to seeing you at our next event in May 2021. In the meantime, please consider purchasing a T-shirt for the cause (pre-order only) and following us on Instagram @itsbiggerthanbball 
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1 mars 2020 22:10 Bradley Braich Canadian Mental Health Association BC 700,00 $
Lindsay Shaw held her own fundraiser inspired by Bigger than Basketball and graciously donated her proceeds to our total. Thank you Lindsay!