Building and property renewal.

Dear fellow parishioners and friends of St-Barnabas Anglican Church, North Hatley,

I hope you are all safe and we pray that our fellow citizens are able to manage during these very trying times. 

Our small yet active congregation has plans to open the Church in the beginning of December, 2020 for Lent. The Corporation with the help of a committee is putting in place a comprehensive plan to open the Church for regular services and enable access via on line participation. We invite you to follow this event via facebook :

The upside of being shuddered is our Corporation has been able to complete some much needed repairs to both the Church and Rectory.

The Rectory bathroom has received a much needed upgrade. As well, work on the exterior of the building and property has been completed including a new walkway, new front steps, window caulking, repaired siding and rain gutters. Finally the entire exterior of the building has been painted.

The pressing drainage issue on the upper side of the Church property has been corrected.

The excavation of a large ditch to alleviate this problem. This will capture water and prevent ice build up on the parking surface and keep the perimeter of the building much dryer. Proper drainage around the building will prevent erosion and stop the retaining wall from moving toward the building.

These projects were essential to prevent further deterioration of both buildings and property. Starting this year, the Corporation will be putting in place an ongoing property maintenance program to assure that our property and buildings are maintained and managed. As we all know preventive maintenance is always less expensive than having to repair and replace when it's too late.

Our financial situation is stable and our endowments do create income to offset our operating deficit. The maintenance work will cost about $ 40,000. In order to fund this cost, we have put in place a low interest loan in the form of a credit line. The work is now finished and we must start paying down this loan.

The plan is to pay off the loan over time from income from our investments and donations from our congregation and friends.

We are launching the ST-BARNABAS BUILDING and PROPERTY RENEWAL FUNDRAISER with the goal of raising the $40,000 over the next two years. 

We would like to thank those donors who have already given generously and extend our appeal to all our parishioners to donate within their capacity.

Thank you. Sincerely.

The St-Barnabas Anglican Church Corporation, North Hatley, Quebec, Canada.



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