Burpees For Charity

I am taking part in an BIG challenge, organized by Baylea Wilkins, to raise $100 000 for Kidsport. I, along with 49 other people, are each trying to raise $2000 by August 1st. How can you help? Any donation, no matter how small (or big!), will help. Please, click on the donate button to help me get to my goal. To repay your kindness, on August 1st, I have promised to do 1000 burpees... in a row... for real!

KidSport works with children and families to "get local kids and youth off the sidelines and onto the playing field. By supporting Kidsport we all win.  When young people have access to sport they improve in school, become stronger leaders, create safer communities, ignite inclusivity and fuel healthy habits for life."

From age 6-14 I played minor hockey.  All through high school I played basketball, football and track.  From age 19-48 I was training and coaching martial arts.  I'm now 53 and for the last 4 years my passion has been barbells, kettlebells, HIIT and functional fitness.  I have been fortunate that sport and organized play have always been a part of my life. Playing sports as a kid had a huge  impact on shaping who I am today. And as an adult, sport and play keeps me physically fit and mentally sane.

Through organized sport and play kids learn goal setting, team work, perseverance, cooperation, compromise, and build confidence. I want every child to have the opportunity to play sports, and KidSport makes that possible.

KidSport provides grants to help cover the costs for registration fees so that all kids aged 18 and under have an opportunity to play a season of sport. So far KidSport has helped over 13,000 kids in Greater Victoria.

Please consider donating to my challenge.  100% of all money raised will go to KidSport. Tax receipts are provided for donations.

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18 juin 2021 20:37 Anonyme KidSport 25,00 $
Enjoy those burpees!
12 juin 2021 12:56 Micol Scigliano KidSport 50,00 $
Great fundraiser! Good luck with those 1000 burpees Steve! ??
9 juin 2021 01:32 Angela Hassett KidSport 50,00 $
We’ll be cheering you on brother! What a great cause, thanks for inspiring us all to do more.
8 juin 2021 22:47 Wendy Meechan KidSport 15,00 $
Thanks for all you do for us kids! I will be cheering for The Hulk. From Owen Meechan
4 juin 2021 22:29 Anonyme KidSport 500,00 $
You'll crush this Master Marta!
4 juin 2021 17:08 Howard Seginowich KidSport 50,00 $
This is a friend of mine Lyle
4 juin 2021 14:51 Lyle Scroggs KidSport 200,00 $
You go Steve I would like to see you do 1001? I’ll give you another 50
4 juin 2021 10:28 John Marta KidSport 100,00 $
Go Steve for kids!!!! Your uncle will hold you to the 1000 burpees!
4 juin 2021 01:12 Tim Teh KidSport 500,00 $
If more kids grow up with experiences that make them adults like you, that sounds like a win in my books. Let's go Steve.
4 juin 2021 00:15 Josef Martha KidSport 50,00 $
I know you'll tear though those burpees in no time!
3 juin 2021 22:55 Leslie Chiu KidSport 50,00 $
GO MASTER STEVE!! Fear does not exist in this dojo. Pain does not exist in this dojo. Defeat does not exist in this dojo.
3 juin 2021 20:00 Andrew Roberts KidSport 50,00 $
Good for you Steve. Hope you at least get a rest day after.
3 juin 2021 16:36 Lisa Marta KidSport 100,00 $
Here you go you crazy burpee guy!
3 juin 2021 15:34 Arsenius Marta KidSport 50,00 $
I hope you can achieve the goal of $2000. Stephen.