Canada Day in a Good Way

The discovery of the bodies of 215 Indigenous children on the property of a residential school in Kamloops has made it impossible for Canadians to continue to ignore the pain that our government has inflicted for generations. Canada Day is typically a time when we celebrate our country, our freedom and our heritage. But it feels wrong to celebrate the colonialism that brought trauma and pain to our Indigenous people. This year, my family is pausing on the festivities. Instead of lighting fireworks we are going to light candles in memory of the children who were murdered in residential schools. Instead of eating, drinking and celebrating, we will simply be spending time outside in appreciation of nature. Instead of wearing red and white, we will wear orange. On July 1st, we want to celebrate Canada Day in a good way by honouring Canada's Indigenous people and the land that was stolen from them.

Help us celebrate Canada Day in a good way by donating to Reconciliation Canada, spending time outside, wearing orange instead of red and lighting candles instead of fireworks. Share your photos on social media using the hashtag: #canadadayinagoodway

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