Cancelled Christmas

This year so many kids in our city are going without. It is no surprise that finances are tight, but families that depended on the generosity of others have been put in a very hard place. Many local charities have had to close their doors and cancel all events leading up to the holiday season. This left hundreds of kids and families in Calgary without. 

As an organization we knew this year there was going to be a greater need. We planned on opening up more holiday hampers and gift cards for families in need. One step in our vetting process is to call families that have requested a hamper to connect and learn a bit more about their situation. As we spoke to families we found out that they were just told days before that the toys that they were offered for Christmas were not able to be delivered. This was especially hard as they found out this information after it was too late to apply for other hampers or programs in the city. Social workers and schools are only able to put families forward to one program and with this program not able to proceeded, there was nothing left for the families so close to Christmas. 

After speaking with the local association and both the Public & Catholic school boards, we found out that yes, this situation is very difficult. But there was hope. 

* We have been introduced to the Umoja Community Mosaic, from the Calgary Catholic School Board. Umoja serves 680 kids that have been left out.

*These kids are the most vulnerable new immigrants in the city living in public housing in the hardest hit Covid zones. 

*No gifts have been provided for these kids, leaving them with nothing under the tree.

*We have secured a discount on toys and will be able to buy the toys for under $10 each. 

*Umoja has the delivery system in place to get all the gifts delivered to the kids.

Now we are asking for your help as we fund the purchase of the toys. If you are looking for a way to bring back the joy and magic of the holidays to these kids I ask that you consider donating.


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