Chai Lifeline Hair Donation

As someone who has lost several family members and friends to cancer starting from a young age, this cause has remained an extremely important part of my life and has shaped me into who I am today. I want to do my part in providing Canadian children with the opportunity to access whatever support they may need during their battle, which is why I have spent the last two years growing out my hair in order to donate as much as possible. Along with the donations my friends and family generously provide, I will be mailing in my hair to be used for wigs as well as my own monetary donation. I would appreciate your generosity in raising funds to help kids in need.

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La collecte de fonds se termine 30 juin 2021
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2 juin 2021 20:00 Anonyme Chai Lifeline Canada 50,00 $
Thus is a great cause Danielle. Very proud of you. Love mom & shawn
19 mai 2021 20:02 Darrell Levesque Chai Lifeline Canada 100,00 $
16 mai 2021 12:58 Doreen Levesque Chai Lifeline Canada 25,00 $
So proud of the woman that you’ve become. Always thinking of others, having a heart of gold. Love you. Grandma & Grandpa
15 mai 2021 21:07 Dakota Hill Chai Lifeline Canada 10,00 $
15 mai 2021 20:09 Austin Sanchez Chai Lifeline Canada 50,00 $
Happy birthday ?? hope this helps ????
15 mai 2021 13:39 Colleen Barkhouse Chai Lifeline Canada 25,00 $
15 mai 2021 09:58 Shane Regnier Chai Lifeline Canada 40,00 $
14 mai 2021 23:29 Jacob Hansen Chai Lifeline Canada 10,00 $