Christie Lake Climb for Kids Kilimanjaro 2020/2021 Challenge

Thanks for visiting my personal fundraising page for Christie Lake Climb for Kids!

This is our third group climb- 2018 we climbed the Ausangate Range in Peru, last year it was the Tour du Mont Blanc in the Alps, this summer 2020 will bring us to the highest free-standing mountain in the world- Kilimanjaro! 3 climbs, 3 continents, 3 fundraising ventures for Christie Lake Kids. 

Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are putting our plans on hold for this year. BUT Christie Lake Kids still needs our help and Climb for Kids continues. To keep things going we will be holding a special fundraiser on Saturday, April 18 - Step Up For Kids. You can find more information about this here. You can join us as we climb the stairs for CLK or donate to one of our pages!

Christie Lake Kids is an amazing organization that is transforming the lives of children here in Ottawa. As a music teacher in the OCDSB, I know first-hand the impact that Christie Lake can have on the lives of children living in low-income communities. CLK funds both after school programs (sports and arts) and overnight summer camps for kids who otherwise would not be able to access these formative activities. Through Christie Lake Kids programs, kids not only learn practical skills related to specific activities, they also learn perseverance, social skills and how to work as part of a team, all crucial to their future success in work and life in general.

Every dollar that we raise helps a child in our community experience learning opportunities that they will carry with them their whole lives.

Our climbing team this year is taking part in the challenging climb of the 5900m roof of Africa. As we start our rigorous training, we hope that you will support us by donating to Christie Lake Kids, helping kids in our community reach their own heights!! 

Thanks very much for your support! You are really helping us with our journey and we are very happy to have you along for the trip!!

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19 avril 2020 20:31 Kim Shiau CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 25,00 $
So proud of you!
18 avril 2020 15:46 Kelly Hamilton CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 25,00 $
Giving you a step up!! ??
18 avril 2020 11:01 Susan King CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 100,00 $
You are an inspiration to all of us. Climb, Climb, Climb!!!
17 avril 2020 08:11 Wendy Curtis-Hollebone CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 50,00 $
16 avril 2020 13:13 julie bordeleau CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 25,00 $
16 avril 2020 09:08 Kelly Haslam CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 50,00 $
13 avril 2020 11:44 Anonyme CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 50,00 $
12 mars 2020 16:58 Lee Prokaska Curtis CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 75,00 $
11 mars 2020 17:54 Kathryn Rodger CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 30,00 $
This was too good to pass up!
19 février 2020 14:01 Lila Osborne CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 25,00 $
16 février 2020 11:45 alexandra smith CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 20,00 $
go for it Beth
8 février 2020 21:10 Sandra Spicer CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 25,00 $
You are doing a wonderful thing Beth!
28 janvier 2020 13:25 Paul Osborne CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 100,00 $
27 janvier 2020 11:34 Marian Eichel CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 75,00 $
Looking forward to following your climb! Ad Astra!
26 janvier 2020 07:27 Anonyme CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 100,00 $
Pole, pole! Good luck from Jane & Maz!