Christie Lake Climb for Kids Kilimanjaro 2020/2021 Challenge

Welcome to my personal fundraising page for our Christie Lake Climb for Kids Adventure 2020/2021!

Thanks to all those who supported me in 2019, when our group completed the 170 km Tour de Mont Blanc. Our group raised almost $40k for Christie Lake Kids!

This year our group is climbing to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro!!!! 

Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are putting our plans on hold for this year. BUT Christie Lake Kids still needs our help and Climb for Kids continues. To keep things going we will be holding a special fundraiser on Saturday, April 18 - Step Up For Kids. You can find more information about this here. You can join us as we climb the stairs for CLK or donate to one of our pages!

Once again, we are raising funds for Christie Lake Kids. Christie Lake Kids enriches the lives and prospects of economically disadvantaged children and youth by providing year-round community and camp programs at no cost and with all barriers to participation removed. 

I am asking again for your support for this wonderful charity.  All of the funds you donate go to Christie Lake Kids - participants on the trek pay 100% of the costs of the trip.

Thanks very much for your support! Communities move mountains and together we can continue to make a difference for children and youth in our community.

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22 juin 2020 14:27 John Dodsworth CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 120,00 $
12 mars 2020 13:21 John Mark MacKeigan CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 100,00 $
26 février 2020 09:34 Terry Kuny CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 20,00 $
Enjoy the last snows of Kilimanjaro! :-)
25 février 2020 20:57 Tracy Wilcox CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 75,00 $
25 février 2020 13:35 Anonyme CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 25,00 $
Climb safe! - Paul
25 février 2020 12:51 Rachael Donovan CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 50,00 $
Awesome charity! This is a wonderful thing you are all doing . Good on ya John! ...start taking those stairs! lol? Safe travels! Rachael
12 février 2020 13:00 Krista Warnica CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 100,00 $
You Rock John!