Christie Lake Climb for Kids Kilimanjaro 2020/2021 Challenge

Thanks for visiting my personal fundraising page for our Christie Lake Climb for Kids 2020/2021!

This project is designed to raise money for Christie Lake Kids, a special organization transforming the lives of underprivileged children in 5 key neighbourhoods in the City of Ottawa. 

I am a retired schoolteacher and vice-principal; I had the privilege of working with children from 4 years old up to young adults.  I understand the profound impact an organization like Christie Lake Kids can make in the lives of children living in low-income communities and especially when the intervention comes early in their lives.

Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are putting our plans on hold for this year. BUT Christie Lake Kids still needs our help and Climb for Kids continues. To keep things going we will be holding a special fundraiser on Saturday, April 18 - Step Up For Kids. You can find more information about this here. You can join us as we climb the stairs for CLK or donate to one of our pages!

Our team (currently 16) is taking part in a challenging climb to the top of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania over 9 days in late July and early August of 2020 in Africa. 

The essential mission of Christie Lake Kids is their commitment to transforming the lives of children. Christie Lake Kids plays a part in accompanying young people on their journey to a fulfilling and happy life.  I hope to share this journey with you through pictures, videos and notes as I will post regularly on-line during the trek.

Our team is looking for donations to support Christie Lake Kids, as we train for this climb; our goal is $40000 in total and any amount is appreciated as it eventually all adds up (tax receipts available).  

Last year I was able to raise $5700 due to the generosity of family, friends and colleagues and as a team, we raised $38000.  I will make another large, personal donation again this year. FYI, 93 cents of every donated dollar go directly to programming for the kids highlighted by the annual summer camps at Christie Lake, Ontario.

Thank you very much in advance for your support! 

You are really contributing to an important fundraising experience for needy children and we are very happy to have you in spirit on the journey!!!

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23 juin 2020 09:17 Kevin Power CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 200,00 $
Sponsor myself for the Virtual Climb.
8 juin 2020 17:51 Peggy Hudson CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 200,00 $
Best of luck in your climb!
19 avril 2020 14:37 John Tenbult CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 100,00 $
Wonderful cause. I also like the project, " Christie Lake Climb" Good luck Kevin! John Tenbult
18 avril 2020 10:24 Steve Brouse CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 500,00 $
12 avril 2020 16:52 Kevin Power CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 1 000,00 $
10 mars 2020 19:27 Frank & Pat Power CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 50,00 $
27 février 2020 09:22 Bruce Mason CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 50,00 $
Good for you doing this, Kevin.
5 février 2020 18:26 Anonyme CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 75,00 $
Good on you. ;-))
26 janvier 2020 21:09 Emily Graves CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 50,00 $
Great initiative, Kevin!
23 janvier 2020 12:54 James Power CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 200,00 $
19 janvier 2020 15:21 Robin Howard CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 50,00 $
Way to go Kevin
18 janvier 2020 15:25 Jennifer Prud’Homme CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 75,00 $
17 janvier 2020 16:43 Susan Power CHRISTIE LAKE KIDS 150,00 $