SHiFT - Coffee House 2021

 The students of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre present SHiFT 2021, a creative online performance produced by the second year class.

We are excited to show unique, innovative works made by the second and third year students of the Professional Training Program. Each semester, the School offers students the opportunity to produce and present our own creations in a Coffee House, or student-run production. These performances contribute to our artistic growth, permitting us to get feedback on our work, and inviting us to experience some of what awaits us after our graduation. This is a well-cherished and valued school activity that we really wanted to make happen even under our current pandemic circumstances, so we have produced an online performance, making use of our newly-acquired skills in creating dance for film. For this showing, ten exciting new dance films will be presented, so please join us.

Thank you for supporting the students of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre.

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