These are unsettling and extraordinary times for everyone, question I ask ... Can we do more to help?

I have decided to invest a few hours of my time each week to earn and donate funds to support four great causes that are near and dear to my heart (Sick Kids, Autism, Human society and United Way)

As a luckiest man beside a beautiful women who I've learned what love, care and passions is all about; as a proud father of a son who has overcome many challenges and thought me so many life lessons; blessed with a daughter in my life who's a bundle of joy that inspires me everyday and fills my heart with love; family, friend and colleagues that I trust and rely on everyday to help and support me ... 

I SAY I CAN DO MORE TO HELP those who are in needs, give back some for everything that I'm blessed with and hopefully you can join me to donate!!!

Note: When you donate to a registered qualified charity organization, you might be able to claim a tax credit for your generosity.

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