Empower our Women

My name is Travis and I have a wonderful finance as well as a son and daughter. I empower the women in my life and give them the support they need. They know they can count on me when they need me and that I'll support them in accomplishing their goals as well as their dreams. Iwant to spread the love to others that may need some motivation. I want other women to have the chance to understand they can do anything they put their minds to. 

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14 janvier 2021 11:41 Katherine Butler Canadian Women's Foundation 20,00 $
Happy Birthday PPJOLPLL.. Hope your day is filled with happiness & everything you love. You are such an amazing young man. XO
13 janvier 2021 20:56 Joyce Lichtenberger Canadian Women's Foundation 20,00 $
Happy birthday Travis, and thank you for being such a good human??
13 janvier 2021 20:47 Travis Hamel Canadian Women's Foundation 10,00 $