Face Masks

Covid 19 has impacted all of us.  I started making face masks the first week of March 2020, for friends and family, and to research the most effective masks.  A group of nanoscientists at the University of Chicago found that silk and polyester silks worked well with tightly woven cottons and flannels.  The silk was electrostatic and captured aerosols well.  Adding a layer of non woven filter in polypropylene is also good for its electrostatic capture of aerosols.  Dr Tam now recommends 3 layers for masks.  I use silk, polyester, cotton woven, cotton knit, silk brocade, with a filter where the fabrics look a little thin.  The masks have metal flexible nose pieces to grip the nose and prevent moisture from fogging glasses for glasses wearers.  There is choice of elastic ear loops or a one piece over the head elastic if the ear loops give you sore ears.  I can also use cloth ties.  The fabric designs are random :  what I am donated from scarves or t-shirts that need another life, or what I see in a fabric store.  

The masks protect the wearer and others. They are washable in soap and water: dry flat, iron if you wish but no need to.  

The project goes into next year as even with vaccines, until enough are vaccinated, we need to protect ourselves and others.  And why not look good doing it?  

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140 are funds sent to me by others for masks in cash.
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Thank you Jean!
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