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Welcome to our Friends of Baraka fundraising page!  Friends of Baraka was founded by four Vancouver youth with the aim of working with the Baraka Non for Profit creating connections and fundraising for teen girls at the New Dawn Safe House in Maamba, Zambia!

New Dawn House is a safe haven and exists for the purpose of giving a safe and nurturing environment to 23 teenage girls who would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend school due to their life circumstances.  All of the girls living in the house come from poor rural backgrounds where there are no secondary schools. There is also a cultural tradition of marrying teenage girls off at a young age to attain a dowry. Gender based abuse and violence is common, so for most of the girls the Safe House is a way out of poverty and neglect and a chance to achieve their potential and pursue their dreams. 

Considering we are the same age as many of the girls living in New Dawn House, we were touched by their stories and wanted to fundraise to ensure that they not only survive but thrive.  With this in mind, our first fundraiser is to purchase two computers, one which will facilitate their learning but also give us an ability to communicate with each other and learn about our cultures.

We hope you can help us!  No donation is too small!

Thank you!

Amelie, Alexandra, Bianca & Gwyneth :)

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10 juin 2021 19:11 Anonyme Baraka Community Partnerships Canada 200,00 $
Wonderful effort. Wishing you every success. Bravo.
19 mai 2021 09:41 Dimitra & Ian MacPhee Baraka Community Partnerships Canada 175,00 $
Great work girls!
18 mai 2021 11:46 Eric Wunsch Baraka Community Partnerships Canada 100,00 $
Wonderful cause, good for you! -Eric & Roisin
18 mai 2021 07:44 Teresia LaRocque Baraka Community Partnerships Canada 100,00 $
Amelie, what a wonderful give back project you are involved with! Your leadership is inspiring. Teresia & Kenny xoxoxo
18 mai 2021 01:48 Large Tutoring Inc. Baraka Community Partnerships Canada 20,00 $
17 mai 2021 16:28 Anonyme Baraka Community Partnerships Canada 100,00 $
17 mai 2021 15:10 Pascale Croteau Baraka Community Partnerships Canada 75,00 $
17 mai 2021 09:48 John Rose Baraka Community Partnerships Canada 500,00 $
Amelie, Susan and I are delighted to donate to this wonderful cause. Good luck to you and your proud of you!
17 mai 2021 02:12 Miguel Feuermann Baraka Community Partnerships Canada 100,00 $
14 mai 2021 17:03 Ani Feuermann Baraka Community Partnerships Canada 1 000,00 $
We are so proud of you for getting involved in such an important and much needed cause! Way to go girls!
8 mai 2021 21:32 Lucila McElroy Baraka Community Partnerships Canada 25,00 $
Thanks for doing this Friends of Baraka!