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Fundraiser for Options Community Services (Fraser Health Crisis Line)

COVID-19 has hit everyone hard in different ways. We've seen the physical effects but have yet to understand the toll it has taken on the mental health of our communities. The Fraser Health Crisis Line provides immediate, free, and confidential emotional support, crisis intervention and community resource information to people of all ages, 24 hours a day – everyday. A wonderful friend of mine volunteers for Options Community Service's Fraser Health Crisis Line and has first hand experience on the great work they do and services they provide. I was asked what organization to support for those who have unable to donate blood and this year, I've chosen Options.

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29 mai 2021 23:44 Data Mashup Consulting, Inc. Options Community Services Society 150,00 $
Happy Birthday Shannon! And thank you for all the kindness you spread around. :)
28 mai 2021 22:49 Stephanie MacKay Options Community Services Society 50,00 $
28 mai 2021 22:48 Valerie MacKay Options Community Services Society 50,00 $
Thanks Shannon, Happy birthday!
28 mai 2021 20:03 Shannon Mah Options Community Services Society 100,00 $