Grantfull Food and Fellowship Food Bank Freezer Purchase

We provide essential food supplies to all in need in the community. We offer a weekly food bank, monthly soup kitchen and offer emergency food supplies. We also provide clothing and referrals to other city services.

We have been operating for 4 years and serve over 350 people every week. Covid-19 has increased the number of persons, over 35% who access the food bank, and a lot for the first time. It has been so hard to keep up. 

We are in great need of commercial freezers. This will allow us to store more items and have less waste. In the winter our cold storage is a room with the window open, where we store our fresh produce. In the warmer months we struggle to keep our item frozen prior to giving it to our clients.

We need your help to purchase a commercial chest freezer to help accomplish our goal.

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10 décembre 2020 11:05 Anonyme Grant AME Church 100,00 $
For the freezer and to support the people of the community
5 décembre 2020 17:12 Linda Hutson Grant AME Church 100,00 $
Merry Christmas to Loy and all of her elves. So proud of you all. Blessings Linda Hutson & Claude Hould Good luck with the fundraiser.
1 décembre 2020 13:23 Sharon Spall Grant AME Church 25,00 $
I love all the work you do in the community. Happy to donate.
1 décembre 2020 07:27 Anonyme Grant AME Church 50,00 $
30 novembre 2020 13:08 Robin Williams Grant AME Church 25,00 $