Covid -19 caught us all by surprise, everyone’s lives have been affected in one way or another. For small charities like ours the impact is profound, all our fundraising has been put on hold but our journey must move forward.

Please help us reach our $3 Million Dollar Goal so that Michael and all other children affected by SPG50 can receive the treatment that they so desperately need. Your donation will help us give these kids a brighter tomorrow.

Please Note: Your contact information (Name & Email) will be shared with GTACC in order to provide you with access to GTACC 2021 Conference Event. (If selecting Anonymous please ensure you send an email to ensure you receive the event link)

Thank you in advance for your generous support.

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25 mai 2021 08:09 Michael Aoki CURESPG50 100,00 $
Hi Terry and Georgia, I hope this donation helps with the cost of Michael's medical treatments. I wish all three of you the very best!