Hamlet Public School Playground Fundraiser

Help our Hornets Build their Hive!

Our Hornets need your help - we need a new playground! The existing structure was built over 15 years ago and it’s time for an upgrade!

We see a playground for everyone. One that is fun, safe, and inclusive. Where our Hornets can gather with their friends and call it their own.

With the support of our School Council and Staff, the Playground Committee has a goal to raise $60,000 to purchase new equipment. And great news - to date we've raised $28,000! A huge ‘Thank You’ to our donors and the people that have supported our fundraisers so far!

Our original goal was to raise $5,000 through our online giving platform, but we've has such a great response that we know we can reach $10,000 in online donations!  If you are a business or would like to make a significant donation, please contact Roxy Rae. Thank you for your support to help give our kids new playground equipment.

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4 095 $ amassés sur 10 000 $

Date de fin Nom du donateur Nom de l'organisme de bienfaisance Montant
23 décembre 2020 13:39 Jobsite Brewing Co. Foundation for Education 600,00 $
Thanks for reaching out to jobsite. Here's our donation from our last week of can sales. Hopefully we can help you out in the future.
17 décembre 2020 12:04 Magest Building Systems Limited Foundation for Education 2 000,00 $
6 décembre 2020 18:59 Chris Doussept Foundation for Education 100,00 $
5 décembre 2020 10:46 Mark Wolfe Foundation for Education 520,00 $
30 novembre 2020 10:11 Reta Byvelds Foundation for Education 250,00 $
Thank you for what you do for our friends at Cedarcroft. From Therapy Dogs Devo and Seamus and Therapy Dog in training Pieter
18 novembre 2020 14:57 Hudson's Stratford KIA Foundation for Education 100,00 $
12 novembre 2020 10:44 Teahen Ltd. Foundation for Education 250,00 $
Teahen Construction
27 octobre 2020 20:03 Kaleigh Slade Foundation for Education 50,00 $
Happy Birthday Roxy! -Kaleigh, Nick, Avery & Eames
27 octobre 2020 14:27 Erin Fobert Foundation for Education 25,00 $
In honour of Roxanne Rae. Happy Birthday.
23 octobre 2020 14:09 Greg Skinner Foundation for Education 100,00 $
Happy to help out my elementary school alma mater
15 octobre 2020 21:24 Philip Vousden Foundation for Education 100,00 $