Hant's Harbour Willow Tree Museum Inc. WE NEED YOUR CONTINUING SUPPORT


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This year we have been unable to receive visitors at our museum due to covic-19 pandemic, but have had a few visitors to our other heritage sites, the fishing stage and our heritage cemetery. The pandemic not only changed our normal operations, but impacted us financially. Three major sources of funds for us are: our gift shop, visitors and Heritage Day Celebrations, all cancelled. This has impacted fundraising significantly.

The past two years we have fund raised for exterior siding for our museum. Thank you for your generous support. This year we will be doing this much needed renovation to our museum.

The Heritage members have not been idle. We have taken this time to upgrade the interior of our museum, by replacing odd and ineffective cases with shelving. This new shelving provides improved display of our artifacts. We have also reorganized our spaces so that each area provides a distinct experience.

Other improvements are needed, such as humidity control and removal of worn and torn carpet, with floors refinished. We need to address three safety issues, such as a better emergency exit ramp, second railing to the fishing loft and railing to our upper floor.


1 Make cash donation for what ever amount you feel comfortable with and we will issue a receipt for income tax purposes.

2. If you have family roots in Hant's Harbour write up your loved one's family history, a page will do, along with a photo. Encourage the family to make a donation in their memory. You will be creating living history of our town. We have created a section just for genealogy. Come browse our records.

3. Contribute your recyclables at our designated community sites and our "Bag Ladies" (Land and Sea renown) will see that the funds generated go to our projects. If not near enough to do this cash your recyclables and donate to our society.

As a registered charity we can issue tax receipt for all cash donations for income tax purposes. Thank you for your consideration of this matter and all your past and present support.

Further information Contact:

Doris Short President 709- 586-2858

Fran Pelley Secretary 709-586-2820

Patricia Downton Treasurer 709-586-2202

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