Happy 50th Anniversary Robin and Don!

My parents were married outdoors, in a little chapel in the woods.  The bridesmaids dresses were patterned with wildflowers, and the honeymoon was a camping trip across the U.S. 

My formative childhood memories include exploring creekbeds with my mom, digging in the garden with dad, the feel of a cold tin cup against my lips on cold mornings at the campsite, and the sound of water dripping off my parents' canoe paddles, as we glided after loons at dusk. 

My parents care deeply about the importance of nature, both in and of itself, and for the nourishment it provides the human soul.  As a family we are deeply concerned for the future of the planet.  The donations provided here are intended to celebrate Robin and Don's appreciation for life as a whole, and to help preserve some of the wild spaces they love.

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